Listingbook™!  A new way to gather the information you need!

All of our Clients (even our potential Clients) are eligible to receive access to, with a private account for your use.

Listingbook™ is an outstanding information center:

1.  Receive "Morning Updates" (just like the ones real estate professionals receive) on your listing, the competition, and for Buyers, all the new listings which match your criteria.
2.  Compare, contrast, and sort property features without doing multiple searches on varied websites - it's all in one place.
3.  Request and in-depth market analysis of any particular property from us through your Listingbook account - also free of charge.
4.  Instant Messaging between our office and you - real-time chat is available when both of us are online.
5.  Attach electronic notes to individual listings and send them to us for comment or critique.

This and so much more is available with a Listingbook™ account.  Please call or email us today and we can sign you up for the most useful real estate tool for consumers that we have seen!

Click HERE to sign up for Listingbook™!

***  There is no obligation with our Listingbook™ service - just an opportunity for us to showcase this new technology which we offer to you at no charge.

As with all other matters at Segue Realty, your personal information is safe with us.  We will not share  your preferences or email addresses with any other party without your consent.


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